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Capturing the sparkling opulence of the Art Deco era, Clive Christian is proud to introduce a decadent partnership with London-based jeweller Tomasz Donocik to create a one-off brooch that will join Clive Christian's collection of rare and precious artistic finery.

Heralded as the 'Modern day Raconteur for luxury jewellery', Tomasz Donocik who was born in Poland and raised in Vienna graduated from the Royal College of Art and has previously designed for renowned luxury houses such as LVMH, De Beers, Garrard and Stephen Webster.

Having launched his own eponymous brand in 2008, gaining recognition as one of the most talented jewellers of his generation, Tomasz creates extravagant, yet striking pieces that are inspired by architecture, literature, and the enchantment of surrealism.

For the two new Art Deco XXI perfumes, Blonde Amber and Amberwood, Clive Christian wanted to bring the essence of this era to life in an extraordinary piece that embodies the sparkling decadence of the period's atmosphere.

Adorned in shining jewels with warm hues this bespoke piece is a celebration of the Art Deco's opulence and modernity. A perfect artistic description of this Noble perfume pair.

Explore this decadent partnership as we speak to Tomasz Donocik to discover the beauty behind this extraordinary brooch.

Q: Could you please tell us about yourself and your journey as a jewellery designer?

A: My name is Tomasz Donocik and I am a jewellery designer based in Shoreditch, London having studied here when I was younger.

I create pieces that blur the boundaries between art and jewellery, and I am continually inspired by art, film and culture from which I launched my own brand in 2009 where I design and create unique, contemporary and bespoke pieces that are available worldwide.

Originally, I am a painter at heart but I specialise in jewellery design and use stones the same way that a painter would use a paintbrush on their canvas. I always strive to create pieces that stand out amongst the crowd, something different that isn't for those who resist temptation but pursue it.

A lot of my inspiration comes from the art deco movement with geometric shapes and pleats being central to my work and as a contemporary jewellery designer I try to refresh that movement, borrowing its language to exemplify it and bring it into the 22nd century. In this way I don't create old heritage heirlooms but something modern – a true modern-day heirloom.

Q: What is the inspiration behind this brooch?

A: I was inspired by the change of the early 20th century, the modernity of the Art Deco movement and the pleats commonly used in fashion at that time, to create this exquisite brooch that exemplifies the two new Art Deco XXI perfumes, Blonde Amber and Amberwood.

I considered the different opacities, the luminosities of each stone and used this to combine them in a modern way that brings together both the past and the present to create wearable art that transforms angular shapes into fluid forms.

In this partnership with Clive Christian perfume, I want to allure and bedazzle the wearer with something extraordinary by creating a playful illusion of colour that is reflected in a multitude of semi-precious stones to create a warm beam of light.

This decorative brooch is a homage to the grand chandeliers that would have illuminated the decadent balls and parties of the era.

Generously dusted with sapphires and white diamonds, translucent semi-precious stones, such as smoky quartz, amber, yellow topaz, citrine and clear crystal are all set playfully to tease the luminosity of the light reflections hitting the bedazzling surface of this brooch. The colours of the stones resemble the soft hues of the amber found within the perfumes themselves, translating the olfactory into a precious, bejewelled piece.

The brooch is designed for someone that dares to be different, and these pieces aims to empower and mesmerize in its own unique and special way. It is for leaders in their own right and for someone who knows exactly what they want.

Q: What was the creative process?

A: The inspiration behind the brooch is the Art Deco movement, but I wanted to take it a little bit less literal and create something new.

From the beginning of the partnership, I had a vision and knew that I wanted to use an ombre colour palette with browns, oranges, yellows and whites on yellow gold to really play with the inspiration and the ingredients to create a modern-day heirloom. We decided to create a brooch as we felt that it was most relevant to the Art Deco movement.

The design is inspired by the Art Deco era, but instead of trying to use the traditional and iconic patterns, I decided to borrow from the fashion movements of the time.

Pleats were heavily used in their gowns to add movement and embrace the dynamism that would have exuded on the dance floors in the great balls and parties that they had at the time.

So, I thought the pleats worked well to be used within the pattern in a way that is fresh and innovative without using something directly from the past.

Q: What do you want people to see in this brooch?

A: With this brooch I really tried to create an illusion between the metal and the stone, allowing the viewer and the wearer to become mesmerized into the piece.

I want it to be something that stands out amongst a crowd, something new and fresh. Everything in that brooch is custom and each part has been tailored to the exact design so therefore the result is spectacular as the setting is something different.

Similar to how Clive Christian takes its ingredients to the next level I do the same with my stones – it's all about the complexity as it allows us to create something dynamic that transforms into a breath-taking piece.

Clive Christian uses a high level of craftsmanship to create exceptional perfumes and straight away when I first received a sample of these perfumes, I was blown away by the complexity but also its kind of darkness which relates closely to what I do – it is definitely a perfume for those who want to break away from the normal.

For me this brooch is empowering, bold and strong as it defines a person's character, it's for a glittering occasion and for those that want to emphasize their character. A show stopping piece for when you want to go out and enjoy yourself at bedazzling parties.

Discover more about the Art Deco XXI perfumes here and lose yourself in an opulent world of sparkling decadence.