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First launched in 1999, The Original Collection was the inaugural debut from Clive Christian Perfumes. Upon taking ownership of the company that once was known by the name The Crown Perfumery, Clive Christian OBE had a very clear vision to create perfumes that were unlike any other, celebrating the very highest quality ingredients to produce new levels of depth and complexity to pioneer and revolutionise the world of luxury perfume. An ode to the simple yet unmistakeable integrity of high-quality ingredients and time-honoured techniques, the Original Collection is the essence of what a true perfume should be.


The brand's long, rich heritage provided fertile ground for inspiration, and many of the formulas and ingredients used in this collection of six scents were sourced from the company archives. Although the perfumes from The Crown Perfumery were complex, the house of Clive Christian, inspired by the perfume principles of this pioneering Victorian company created the Original Collection with additional complexity and concentration previously unknown to the world of perfumery and suitable for our time.

Setting the benchmark for exceptional ingredients and fragrances, the Original Collection would go on to epitomise the perfume house, it has now taken its rightful place in perfume history as a family of timelessly classic perfumes.

Inspired by the original Victorian flacons the Original Collection bottles embody the exquisite craftmanship required to create both the bottles themselves and the essences they hold. Simple and elegant, they epitomise the sophistication and integrity of the Clive Christian name.


The 1872 pair pays tribute to the year the original company was founded, when Queen Victoria recognised its contribution to British excellence by granting the use of her crown, still seen atop every bottle to this day. With its deep, rich base notes and fresh finish, these scents bind past and present together in a pair of perfumes that marks the beginning of a new era for the brand.

The 1872 Feminine Edition is a floral, fruity citrus that combines clean, crisp top notes with the intense bouquet of Rose de Mai, one of the rarest ingredients in nature. This feminine citrus perfume is the epitome of luxury and boasts a beautifully fresh and familiar sensation for the wearer.

The masculine edition of the pair is a classic, fresh citrusy cologne like perfume, with the outstanding longevity as known to all the Clive Christian perfumes. This scent contains an earthy, woody and green resin fusion to produce an invigorating and spicy citrus woody fragrance, a true cult classic in the Clive Christian portfolio.


The sensual X pair is a love story in perfume, harnessing the most beautiful aphrodisiacs that mother nature has to offer to create a jasmine infused perfume like no other. These utterly captivating scents mark the very heart of what a true perfume should be. Soft and sensual, yet at once familiar and exotic, the X pair is as compelling as a closely kept secret.

The feminine version of the pair is an exquisite floral chypre, that evokes the strength and beguiling nature of the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, with both perfumes channelling the heady passion between Cleopatra and Marc Anthony thanks to the abundance of Egyptian Jasmine. A pervading sense of seduction is brought to life through the mingling of juicy bergamot, mandarin and rhubarb and sensual cashmere and cedarwood.

X Masculine is one of the most unique scents from the house of Clive Christian and a bold statement of olfactory notes adored by men and women all over the world. An exotic and mysterious fragrance combining notes of Cardamom, rich Orris and Cinnamon for a spicy but woody scent.


The No1 pair of perfumes are all about using the finest ingredients from the world of perfumery. These two opulent scents give you some of the most precious and rarest ingredients in the world in a bottle, making these perfumes fully worthy of their name. This pair perfectly embody the founding pillars of creativity, craftsmanship, complexity and provenance, which are at the heart of the Clive Christian brand.

Exploring 222 ingredients selected among the finest ingredients the world of perfumery has to offer, the No1 Masculine Edition from Clive Christian takes the wearer on a decadent journey. The base notes of precious 50-year-old Indian sandalwood, powdery musk and vetiver add a rich warmth, enveloping the wearer in a balmy veil of fragrance.

The feminine version is a radiant floral oriental, with fruity top notes of Mirabelle plum, white peach and bergamot which slowly and sensually unravel to reveal jasmine, carnation and a heart blooming with rose. This rich and complex perfume is subtle yet sophisticated and makes an opulent fragrance symbolic of love and perfection.


This remarkable collection, launched in 1999 when the brand was created by Clive Christian OBE, has been the foundations of modern British luxury perfume and to this day continues to inspire the perfume houses core values, continually striving to discover and source the finest materials and ingredients from around the world to transform the expected into the exceptional.

As one of the most purchased and loved collections in the Clive Christian portfolio, the Original Collection deserve its place in perfume history as timeless classics.